Tender of port facility

On 20 October will be published national public call API/teach/IPFEC/02/04 for the establishment of a port facility for the manufacture of base concrete and related inputs management structures, which consists of a federal surface land and sea for a total of 243,129.19 m2, which is made up of 23,361.78 m2 of terrestrial federal zone and 219,767.41 m2 of federal maritime zone , which is located to the South of the breakwater del Gallo of the port within the area of bulk minerals within the port area at the confluence of the Blvd. Lázaro Cárdenas and the Beltway of the Arroyo El Gallo.

The API Ensenada has a timetable describing each step of the tender, which consists of stages as the publication of call for proposals, sale of bases of the contest, delivery of requirements specification, delivery of technical / economic, to conclude with the failure of the contest on December 20, 2004.

Concrete structures

This project is due to the business opportunity that represents the construction of the marine terminal to receive liquefied gas from an alliance formed by the transnational companies, Sempra Energy and Shell, which will be located 30 km north of the Port of Ensenada and means a total investment estimated at 600 million dollars, where a significant percentage of this budget is earmarked for the construction of a breakwater in protection with a length of 750m composed of rock and reinforced concrete structures.

It is precisely in the construction of the breakwater where comes the opportunity for business, require an area close to the site where make these concrete structures. In total are needed to manufacture 40 structures concrete approx. 9,600 tons each, which will be the basis for the construction of the breakwater, as well as the construction of tetrapods and rock movement.

These concrete structures need to be built in a port facility with water front, then be transported to the project site. They need a large yard for your edification and storage, space for storing raw materials and specialized equipment, as well as a temporary office area. It is important to highlight that the location of the required area must be close to shopping areas to stock up more easily inputs and services and have access to a qualified workforce.

It is appropriate to comment that the project aims to make works that promote bonding with the city, resolving the channeling right towards the sea flows the stream El Gallo and drains the Orange processing plant, as well as the construction of a green area that will serve as a buffer between the proposed area space and referred to developments Nautico-Turisticos.de Beach area similarly will seek to resolve the affectation to roads , and a treatment for face and ecological way the impact of El Gallo Brook area; conditions that will bring additional benefits and promote better integration between current activities and future.

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