Ensenada will be port hub for the shipping company Hajin Shipping

The port of Ensenada is ready to receive ships container ships of greater capacity, following the announcement that a number of shipping lines that currently offer their services, are interested in brand new draft of - 14.5 meters in the port.

After commercial efforts by the port authority of Ensenada and Ensenada International Terminal with representatives of shipping companies in the city of Mexico, was the return of the shipping line, CSAV vapors South American company estimated on 10 August and with which it would be premiering the new capacity of the port. This service will be incorporated into the direct route Asia - Ensenada currently offered by CMA-CGM and China Shipping. His return is intended to consolidate the route of trans-Pacific for the burden of import of inputs, as well as connection to ports in the Caribbean and South America facing the burden of export of finished products.

On the other hand, the shipping line Hanjin Shi [ping that operates at the port since 2005, recently announced the addition of a new direct service from Asia to Mexico, it would also become the port of Ensenada in its Hub port, concentrating its import and export operations in Ensenada. Hanjin Shipping, changes of the port of Long Beach to Ensenada, due to strategic location and proximity with the border into the United States, thus preventing transshipments of goods in the Californian port and passage by the authorities of the U.S. customs, with increasingly severe restrictions.

In this way the Korean company opens the possibility of incorporating ships of greater capacity in the port of Ensenada, with the new service called Chinese America Service (CAX), so at the end of the month of August is expected to the first arrival of the vessel Hanjin Philadelphia with a capacity of 4 thousand transportation 300 teus.

CAX this service oriented to the import/export of products to Asia, playing in its route the ports of: Shanghai (China) - Kwangyang (South Korea), Pusan (South Korea) - Long Beach (United States) - Ensenada (Mexico) - Pusan (South Korea) having a time of estimated transit of 11 days from the last Asian port. Likewise, there will be a feeder service for the Mexican Pacific Ocean between the ports of Ensenada and Manzanillo, so for the first time will be a service regular cabotage to load containerized between both ports.

Thus mimes Hapag Lloyd with 10 years of presence in the port of Ensenada and strengthened by its service from Asia to Mexico, he already expressed interest in incorporating a vessel with greater capacity, the Düsseldorf Express, which has a length of 290 meters and can transport up to 4,600 TEUs. Estimated arrival is for August 30.

Adding the above, the port of Ensenada will be offering 3 direct services from Asia offered by shipping lines APL, China Shipping, Hapag Lloyd, CMA-CGM, CSAV, Hanjin Shipping, maintaining the Maerskline feeder service from Long Beach to Ensenada.

These new services and the transition to larger ships, is intended to increase the cargo volume in the last quarter of the year after show a fall of up to 40% compared to 2008; due to the current contraction of the world market, which had negative effects on the manufacturing sector and maquila in the Northwest of the country.

The entry of new vessels, as well as adjustments in the itineraries of shipping companies made the port of Ensenada, is positioned on the map as the best option for logistics activities and foreign trade on the West coast of the Pacific, consolidating itself as a profitable port infrastructure and port charges, considering that a recovery in the market for import and export of goods through the port.

Last updated on: 20/05/2015 (16:16)